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A friend who we jam with sent us a text that said, ‘Do you want to come round and play at this guy’s house and do an acoustic gig - he’s from that show Breaking Bad’, and we were like, ‘Oh yeah, we like Breaking Bad’. And as it turned out, it was Jesse Pinkman and that was pretty epic. We love the show and we really love him as an actor and his character. And he turned out to be the most wonderful human - so supportive and so sweet, and just really genuine - Julia Stone


Angus & Julia Stone photographed by Jennifer Stenglein

Ksenia Schnaider Fall/Winter 2014

Cinematic by Emma Hartvig on Flickr.

Sunglasses (exact)

"No te sientas mal si alguien te rechaza,normalmente la gente rechaza lo costoso por que no puede pagarlo"

- Maria Felix